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to the Movement for a Europe of Liberties and Democracy (MELD).

MELD is a European political alliance committed to the principles of Democracy, Freedom and cooperation among sovereign States in an effort to impede the complete bureaucratisation of Europe.

Our members are opposed to further European integration through treaties and policies that exacerbate the present democratic deficit and the centralist political structure of the EU.

We believe in:

  • Freedom and cooperation among people of different States
  • More democracy and respect of the People’s will
  • Respecting Europe’s history, traditions and cultural values
  • Respecting national differences and interests through freedom of votes.

Jacek Wlosowicz
Prices of energy rising: we need 1 million signatures

  • The only place where democracy works is in the member states.

    Morten Messerschmidt -

  • Quello che mi preoccupa è l’atteggiamento dell ‘Europa e dell’ Occidente

    Magdi Cristiano Allam -

  • A przecież Wspólnota Europejska powstała po to, aby wyrównywać poziom życia pomiędzy poszczególnymi krajami, a nie je pogłębiać. Nie zapominajmy o tym. Dlatego też zdecydowałem się zagłosować przeciw” (Strategy 2020).

    Jacek Wlosowicz -

  • Pensiamo davvero che l’Unione europea possa essere ritenuta un partner credibile da Israele alla luce delle recenti posizioni condivise dal Consiglio Affari Esteri del maggio scorso e nelle quali vengono totalmente ignorate le legittime richieste di sicurezza d’Israele, di fatto circondato da paesi ostili?

    Fiorello Provera -

  • Member States should remain free to choose the most appropriate means of greenhouse gas emissions reduction

    Rolandas Paksas -

  • I am not of these people who runs to join the protests, I am one of those who leads them!

    --- -

  • Не съм от тези, които тичат да се присламчат към протестите, аз съм от тези, които ги водят!

    --- -

MELD is partially funded by the European Parliament and has the sole responsibility for the content of this website.